Elfi Arbeidsrecht Advocaat works on the basis of an hourly fee. Clients are billed each month, so that they keep a good view of their costs. Cost transparency is what Elfi Arbeidsrecht Advocaat really values. Fixed price agreements are therefore among the possibilities we offer. We have varying fees for employment lawyers, plus 6% office expenses and 21% VAT. Fees depend on the nature of the case and the experience of the lawyer who handles it.

Since Elfi Arbeidsrecht Advocaat is specialist in employment law we can give you a rough estimate of the amount of time presumably spent on your issue or case.

We send fee statements depending on the course of affairs of your case. It may concern interim bills with a view to cost spreading, or just a one-off final invoice. Our starting-point is to provide unambiguous fee information before and during the case. Costs will of course be claimed from the other party as much as possible.

When you are insured with a legal expenses insurer you can also apply to Elfi Arbeidsrecht Advocaat. Legal expenses insurers must respect the “free choice of a lawyer” principle and they have adapted their policy terms and conditions accordingly. So on this basis, and depending on the applicable policy terms and conditions, you can avail yourself of the service provided by Elfi Arbeidsrecht Advocaat at the expense of your legal expenses insurer.
If your legal expenses insurer should take the view that your case should not be handled as it is legally unfeasible you can demand a second opinion at the expense of the legal expenses insurer. Elfi Arbeidsrecht Advocaat may prepare a second opinion on your behalf.

In the Netherlands there is a government-funded system known as Pro Deo (legal aid). People who conform to government standards regarding incomes and assets may qualify for legal aid from the Dutch legal aid council (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand). If legal aid is granted, only a one-off contribution is due in respect of the lawyer’s fee. The amount of this contribution varies, depending on the family income. If legal aid has been granted, the fee will generally be lower as well, considering the amount of the court fees.