Apart from its medical aspect, illness also has a legal side. With respect to the medical aspect, employer and employee are counselled by the Arbo occupational health and safety service or the company doctor; Arbo QliQ supports the judicial side.

The judicial side involves questions like “Are employer and employee complying with their ‘Poortwachter’ obligations regarding sickness and re-integration?” Or questions like “What possibilities do I have if my re-integration process is awkward?” Or “Is dismissal possible during illness?” Arbo QliQ is the point of reference for employers as well as employees.

Arbo QliQ takes the company doctor’s reports as starting-point. Each individual report is discussed and given a judicial context. Also, the developments that take place after the reports have been submitted are discussed and provided with a sound judicial context. In most cases this can be done without additional charges during a (short) telephone call.